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Friday, July 31, 2009

A Brand New Start

I've never been so happy with the result of this change! Thanks a lot to my brother and to Michael our friend in Facebook who suggested this change.

The name we chose is easier to remember and it attracts more readers easily. I have posted the petition at the bottom of the page for quite a while now and it never had more than 10 petitioners a day.

Moving on, no more hussles, we are stronger and better now. Let's rock n' roll!
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

G.I. Joe After Party

Party after the press conference and promotions of G.I Joe Rise of the Cobra. Lee Byung Hun and Sienna Miller together with Channing Tatum and other cast who came the other night are enjoying the party. Also spotted at the event was Han Chae Young.

Extra ordinary live-action adventure will be seen on August 7.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wild Bunnies 2PM

Full of hotness! A visually stimulating photos of 2PM from Wild Bunny Episode 2.

The boys pictorials have different concepts, I chose Chan Sung and Nichkhun's concept. Sexiness!
The others???

Which one do you like?

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Wanna see Kara's MV?

The music video was out today and luckily a good soul translated it.

Enjoy! xoxo

Credits SweetMelodix
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Long wait is over

Big Bang Leader G- Dragon is hoping to release his first solo album that he produced himself with some help from YGEntertainment. YG mentioned that G- Dragon's album is really big. Since April, it has always been pushed through because of his exhausted body. Remember how packed their schedule was and they always travel back and forth from Japan.

But recently after the long wait and completing the 9 track album, it will be officially out this summer. It will be timed on his 21st birthday at the 18th of August.
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Guess Who - have the most attractive thighs?

Netizens voted this celebrity to have the most beautiful legs. Winning 19.7% over Yui of After School.
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Hyun Bin and Min Joon for Vogue

These fellows Kim Min Joon, specially my kpopsites hubby Hyun still looks good in wounded face. The boys are featured on the August issue of Vogue Mag Korea. They have been friends from their "Ireland" days, an MBC drama back in 2004. No need to explain the concept, see their photos.

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Goodbye iPod?

Are you an owner of ipods? Are you one of gadgetphiliacs? I am, and now Apple will soon release a next generation iPod. What will it look like?

Apple will dedicate their attention to the birth new iPod touch, the most advanced and versatile version of the iPod.

According to Hasseldahl of Business Week, his prediction is- Apple's emphasis to the hard drive-based iPod classic. I totally agree that Flash memory is cheaper, consumes less power, and resists abuse better than hard drives, so future high-capacity iPods will most likely be based on flash.

Will this new ipod touch can be attached to mobilephones like iPhone and/or Nokia? Will it have a camera? Whatever it is, nothing lasts forever.
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DBSK Mirotic Asian Concert Album

To those who weren't able to see the concert, DBSK will release the 2CD album of their Mirotic Asia Tour Concert. The CD's include the 'HUG', Balloons, The way U are, Somebody to Love, Love by Love, Upon this Rock, Sky and the collaborations of Xiah and Key of SHINee for the 'Xiahtic'.

There are also inspirational, funny and witty backstage scenes included in the 34 track album. As a bonus, the re-recorded Korean Version of 'Song For You' is included.

Watch out the release on July 30.
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Big Bang's Virus Parody

Big Bang does it better all the time. Watch the video and judge it yourself.

Characters are TOP as the Maestro, SeungRi as Dorumi, G-Dragon as Kang Gun Woo, Taeyang as YongGi, DaeSung as Kang Dae Soon and Cleaning Lady, and YG who they bashed near the end of the video which is so funny.

The are really game and not afraid of challenges and embarrassments. The intro and the whole thing is crazy, i love Seungri and Daesung's character. I'm so laughing my heart out. Big Bang Hwaiting!
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SHINee does the Dream OST

Countdown is the official sound track of the new drama Dream. SHINee was chosen because they're just right for the song. The tempo was an upbeat Lab Rock and dance fusion.

SHINee's Countdown will be on the airwaves and various sites on July 31 and it will be officially released on the first week of August.

Strike while the iron is hot!
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Transgender Supermodel

Cho Hanbi a transgender model won the 2009 Seoul Supermodel contest last night at Seoul. This is the first time that a transgender model has earned the title.

Over 50 candidates, only 32 qualified during the final preliminary test and as the reporters said, SHE is so far the best.

The over-all finals for the Supermodel Korea contest will be on September 25 at the Geoje, South Gyeongsang Province open field.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Separated At Birth

Jeong Ryeo-Won of Korea & Heart Evangelista of the Philippines
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Junsu has a girlfriend?

If you are a 2PM fan specially of Junsu, how will you feel if you found out that he is now having a relationship?

The rumored girl, was a Thai singer named Waii, who recently claimed in her interview that she had a relationship with 2PM’s, Junsu. Waii being tactless first claimed that they are not just dating but they had a relationship but "SHE DUMPED" Junsu.

Moreover, there are also rumors that Waii have a Facebook account which she updates and shared her feelings about the issue. Could it be that she's just an attention seeker?

As a conclusion of this intrigue, no one from JYP Entertainment nor Junsu himself bothered to confirm the issue. To appease Junsu fans, JYP only Twitted two words “Not True”.

Watch the controversial interview.

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Junjin rushed to hospital

Junjin's manager found him unconscious last June 22 at home. He fainted due to fatigue, could the leaking of his new single's music video "Like a Fool" triggered it? He stayed in the hospital for a couple of days and was released on the 24th.

There were rumors that his fainting was due to his pneumonia, (i guess it is possible because he smokes), but a representative from his company denied the rumors and stated that it was due to exhaustion.

Due to this incident, JunJin wasn't able to show up for the “Infinity Challenge” taping last July 23.

KPopsites wishes that he gets well soon.
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Wanna hear Kara?

Last night, KARA’s full length comeback single "Wanna" was revealed and all the drooling Kara were excited. The result was spectacular, ranking straight away to number 1 spot on various music charts.

Netizens branded that "Wanna" as the hottest single that came out this summer.

The MV and album will be released on 29th and 30th of this month.

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H1N1 False Alarm

Girls' Generation captain Taeyeon was rushed to the hospital after coming up with flu symptoms.

Could this be H1N1? Well, it started when she had a symptoms of fever and tonsilitis after their performance at SBS Inkigayo last Sunday 26th.

"Taeyeon had a flu and fever symtoms, and was rushed to the hospital. She is now recovering", -SM Entertainment.

Support SNSD's Tell Me your wish.

Get well soon Taeyeonnie!
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Hilfiger 'Pop Jean'

Lee Min Jung posed for Tommy Hilfiger Denim 'Pop Jean'. The concept for the photoshoot is rock star style with chic. The new colors of the season were made more interesting with the Swarovski crystals that were embellished on it (which they don't have a photo).

I don't think they are making an effort in terms of styling, to think that they are promoting Hilfiger. Compared Son Dambi's Bean Pole, this is much better. Am I right?

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Sungmin in Radio Star

In an episode of MBS Radio Star, aired on the 22th, the guests, Super Junior's Sungmin and Trax's Kim Jungmo revealed what happened after their "kiss performance" with Kim Heechul. On the broadcast MC Shin Junghwa said "Between you two, you guys have similarity." "You are both Kim Heechul's man." ShinJungHwa said.

At SuperJunior's concert Sungmin, Jungmo, and another member had a kiss performance with Heechul, which became a big issue in media. To that Jungmo said "it wasn't a 'deep' kiss, we just had a "smack" and "Heechul Hyung likes those types of performances." he explained. Also he said that "At first I was scared" and "At the actual performance although there were a lot of people and quite noisy my adrenaline was so high that I could do it, but on the actual take I couldn't do it and Heechul-hyung cursed at me a lot".

Next Sungmin, who is in the same group as Heechul, talked about a picture floating in the Internet of him playing as Tony Ahn (H.O.T). He was photographed with a woman who played as JanghooHyuk (H.O.T) supposedly kissing. This photo caused Sungmin much criticism and surprised many people.

Thanks to MissyKorea for the translations <3>
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Record Breaking Trophy

After placing number one for two weeks straight 2NE1 received a crystal trophy from Music Bank last July 24. But apparently, the faux crystal trophy broke the day they received it.

After trying superglue and other things to restore it, unfortunately nothing helped. Any suggestion girls?

Here’s the video of them winning. 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” won by a narrow margin against Girls Generation.

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Wonder Girls endears American Tweeners

After touring half across America with the Jonas Brothers, the Wondergirls have considerably improved improved performing in front of American tween audience.

The girls have developed good interaction with the crowd by teaching them their signature dance move . Ye-eun's superb English skills and bubbly personality endeared her to the crowd.

This video is probably the best quality video of their performance. Enjoy!

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Cam is rolling for 'My Fair Lady"

Yoon Eun-hye’s new drama, “My fair lady” (아가씨를 부탁해 ) also known as "Take care of young lady” has started filming the other day (July 24).

The role of the Drama princess' on this series will be a chaebol daugther Kang Hye Na were she is a volunteer in an orphanage.

Together with her on this project are Jung Ilwoo and Yoon Sanghyun. As usual there will be a love tringle between them.

Watch out for it on August 19th.

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Top Selling Albums This Week

Here's the top selling albums this week from Hanteo.

Korean Weekly Album Sales as of 2009.07.19 ~ 2009.07.25.
1. (+1) 2NE1 - Mini Album Vol.1
Weekly Sales: 9,760 copies. (-3% from last week)
Total Sales: 30,550 copies.
Average Sales (per day): 1300-1400

2. (-1) Drunken Tiger Vol. 8 – Feel Good Muzik: The 8th Wonder
Weekly Sales: 7,870 copies. (-25% from last week)
Total Sales: 42,538 copies
Average Sales (per day): 1300-1400

3. (--) SNSD mini-album Vol. 2 – Tell Me Your Wish
Weekly Sales: 6,142 copies. (-19% from last week)
Total Sales: 60,115 copies.
Average Sales (per day): 300-400

4. 에프티 아일랜드(Ft Island) 3집 - Cross & Change
Weekly Sales: 5,224 copies.

5. Epik High x Planet Shiver – Remixing The Human Soul
Weekly Sales: 4,468 copies.

6. Brown Eyed Girls Vol. 3 – Sound G
Weekly Sales: 3,658 copies.

7. 엠씨 몽(MC Mong) 5집 - Humaniamal
Weekly Sales: 3,064 copies.

8. 8집 Seotaiji 8th Album Atomos
Weekly Sales: 2,794 copies.

9. 슈프림팀 - Supreme Team Guide To Excellent Adventure
Weekly Sales: 2,119 copies.

10. 아웃사이더(Outsider) 2집 - Maestro
Weekly Sales: 2,038 copies.
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Guess Who?

Who is NOT the Super Junior member in the video and what does he wear?

video credits: ichigoKJJt
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Rain TV?

Singer/actor Rain will have his own channel on internet protocol TV (IPTV), starting next month. On this channel all programs will be devoted to the star, showcasing his commercials, music videos, live concert footage, photo shoots, and some never-seen-before materials.

Rain’s representative at J Tune Entertainment announced that his exclusive channel will be on SK Broad & TV. This is the first time that a Korean celebrity got his or her own channel. Industry insiders are saying that Rain’s exclusive channel may open the way for other celebrities to establish their own channels to communicate better with their fans. Rain’s channel will offer a variety of programs that will show everything about this superstar.

Meanwhile, Rain will meet with his fans at a fan meeting held at Kyung Hee University in Seoul for the first time in a year. He has been kept busy with the filming of “Ninja Assassin,” which is scheduled for release in November, and his lawsuits in the United States over cancelled concerts.

Credits to Kpop Chat
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Sandara wish to visit The Philippines

Sandara has an exclusive interviewed in Seoul by Bianca Gonzales of Entertainment Live (Philippines) that was broadcasted yesterday at ABS - CBN.

Most of the Filipinos by now know that Sandara Park is now popular in Korea as part of the group 2NE1. If you are an official kpop addict, you know that Sandara is still fluent in the Filipino language and the host Bianca Araneta was really surprised. According the interview, Dara talked about how she misses her friends back in the Philippines and reminisces her past experiences from the talent show where she joined. Bianca mentioned that Boys Over Flowers cast are so popular in the Phils and asked if she knows anyone from the cast. Dara said, she is close to Koo Hye Sun because she's also from YG Entertainment, but said she has not met Lee Min Ho.

Lucky Bianca were able to have met the other members of 2NE1 and she received a mini-album with their autographs. CL and Minzy introduced themselves in Filipino while Park Bom spoke in English. Moreover, Bianca also told Dara that their popular singles are being played on radio, at MYX (local music video channel) and even topping the charts.

Dara added that she wants to have a 2ne1 concert at the Big Dome or the Araneta Coliseum were the biggest indoor concerts were held, but as of now they are still waiting for an invitation.

Could this be the moment that Filipinos have been waiting for? Dying for Kpop Concerts? Share your thoughts.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Marie' Digby in Manila

Hey guys! Fearless Productions is bringing Marie' Digby, in Manila! The You Tube sensation is coming to do a show at the NBC Tent this August. Be sure to watch her sing her popular song "Say It Again" and hits that made her famous.

Popular Filipino actor Jomari Ylana and the Singson Brothers are the brains behind Fearless Productions, a few months ago they brought David Cook and David Archuleta to Manila and who knows they might help us (Kpopsites) bring top Korean Groups like Super Junior and 2NE1 to the Philippines.

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Leg Candy Women would love

The collaboration between Filipino designer Kate Torralba and hosiery pioneer City Lady resulted in Leg Love, a colorful range of tights in lace and prints.

This season, the duo presents a new Leg Love collection dubbed Leg Candy, a series of rainbow, candy-colored stockings and leggings or footless tights in candy drops and crazy patterns and prints that are hard to resist. Think of the ones worn by Korean Girl Pop group 4minutes and 2NE1.

Leg Candy has sheerer varieties compared to the opaque tights of the Leg Love collection. “The colored Leg Candy fishnet stockings and new patterns are fun additions to your existing Leg Love collection,” Kate Torralba says.

Available in electric lemonade, Gatorade pink, Kool-Aid purple, chartreuse and bold orange, Leg Candy’s footless tights also come in blazing yellow, jasmine green, orange, purple wine, and raspberry pink.

The key pieces for this line are the solid-colored opaque tights, textured stockings and the signature KT prints from the Leg Love collection. Torralba excitedly reveals, “The limited-edition prints were the first to run out from the last batch, which is interesting because you’d think that the Pinoy woman would shy away from the crazy prints!”

The Leg Candy stockings are still very KT — edgy, fun, and flirty. Torralba designed the stripe-y, punch-colored clothes around the Leg Candy collection. “I wanted to channel the current incarnation of Blondie’s Debbie Harry,” she shares. “There’s a big ‘80s influence, but made more wearable with the sheer variations.”

Leg Candy is available at SM Department Stores in North Edsa, Makati, Megamall, Southmall, Mall of Asia, and Cebu. Leg Candy is also available at Watsons Podium, Megamall, Market! Market!, Cebu, and at the Kate Torralba Store in Greenbelt 5, Makati.

credits to Philippine Star

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He brings Smile all over the World

I just saw this afternoon over Mel & Joey a featured artist named Bren Bataclan an artist from Boston who started his Smile Boston Project on 2003 when he lost his job. The project involves leaving his acrylic paintings for people to take for "free" all over Boston at park benches, train stations, hostpitals and other places. He attached a note in each painting saying " This painting is yours if you promise to smile at random more often".

Bren is a big fan of grafitti but he never had the guts to spray paint a wall. Instead hes uses different cities across America and around the world as his temporary exhibit spaces. He is now in the Philippines and is touching lives of his "kababayan" (countrymen).

His paintings (or cartoon) touched lives one of them was about to commit suicide but was inspired by his work. I really got goosebumps when I saw it. His advocacy was filmed entered in film festivals and won!.

I am now a fan and if would like to follow him click on his website at http//
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Get to know me

This is me, Kith and I am the owner of this blog. I have always been a Korean fan back in my University days. I started a Youtube account kithkithkith which gained a great number of subscribers because of my good kpop reputation until recently when I uploaded the teaser of Super Junior 3JIB (Sorry, Sorry) all my efforts in subbing the korean shows, music videos and movies were gone. It's so hard to make a comeback when there are heap of new kpop lovers who does it as well.

I'll skip all the horrible things that happened when I left to travel for work and leave this blog to my friends. Besides, I own and manage it and I will make sure that I will never leave all of you again.

I am of Filipino-Spanish lineage and currently residing and traveling from Manila to Sydney. Karl is my brother and he has his own work but he always help me when I needed assistance. Kristine and Spuken are my high school and college friends. They are kind enough to share their articles for gratis. I also have my younger online sistah Soomin who does the reviews for our kpop music videos. I have my beloved translators Kim Minjoo and MsKorea who I met in Youtube is also generous enough to translate Super Junior articles for us. Most of the time, when they are busy with their own activities, I do all the blogging, taking photos and traveling alone.

I love the outdoors and explore when time and money permits. I am lucky enough to visit 3 continents so far. Asia, Europe and Australia (mind you, not all of their countries). I wish to travel more and know more great people.
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I Love


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