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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Full House Remakes on Asian TV

Full House had always been popular. How can we forget how cute Song Hyegyo when she did the bear song dance and Rain's springboard to his acting career.

Now, Taiwan is making a remake of Full House starred by the hunkie Wu zun (Rain's Character) and Zhou Xun (as Song Hyegyo). Taiwanese are known for being uncreative because they based most of their idol dramas on Japanese Manga and Korean Manhwa. In fairness to them, they make it appear original and people are convinced. (Based from my Meteor Garden experience, I was not aware that they took it from Manga since I am totally innocent about it then).

I don't mind them remaking it because believe it or not, Full House will also have a remake in the Philippines, by GMA 7 Network. The Network announced that popular TV and movie actor Richard Gutierrez will play the role of Rain, but the female lead remains a secret. It will be shown in November 09. Also, the same network will do their version of another popular kdrama Stairway to Heaven to be starred by E! Hollywood's 3rd Sexiest Man in the World from the Philippines Dingdong Dantes who will essay the role of Kwon Sang Woo!

By the works of it, Asian TV will be dominated by waves of remake from Korea and Japan.

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Jo Kwon has a Girlfriend?

OMONA! I can't beleive this! Jo Kwon? Is it the end?

2AM’s Jo Kwon and girlfriend in a controversial show, “Mnet Scandal” was next in line. Like his JYPE mates Nickhun and Taecyeon, Jo Kwon will have the chance to date a non-showbiz girl for a week.

I never thought of him as manly as this, look at the abs! At first, I really thought he was gay! After his Gee and So Hot performances. Sorry, that's a personal opinion. After this I could add him to my Gobstopper's List! His photos with this girl gave me a locked jaw. But this is just a photo, let's judge the whole romantic thing after we've seen it, the first episode of Jo Kwon’s Scandal airs on tomorrow (July 1).

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2NE1 Album Cover Revealed

To all 2NE1 Fans! I know you're all curious about 2NE1's mini-album, at last YGEntertainment revealed it. Here are the tracklist:
  • Fire
  • I Don’t Care
  • In the Club
  • Let’s Go Party
  • Pretty Boy
  • Stay Together
  • Lollipop (Bonus Track)
Song are written and Composed by Teddy and Kush with a collaboration of Masta Wu who also helped lay down some lyrics for the party number Let's Go Party.

It will be out in the market this July. People who is out of Korea can purchase at YesAsia
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Lady Castle

A new drama, "Lady Castle" is starred by A-list stars Yoon Eunhye and Yoon Sanghyun.

It is about the three sisters who live in a grand mansion that their father left them and the male housekeeper wants to take their inheritance.

Yoon Sanghyun, the male housekeeper will cause a ruckus in the mansion and will have a scandal with Yoon Eunhye's character.

First episode will be filmed on mid-July.

This drama will be released after the drama "Partners" in August. Can't wait!

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A nice hot noodle soup

Good Timing! It's raining so hard this afternoon, I don't feel like going out and I feet like eating a hot noodle soup.

Luckily, yesterday I went out to SM Hypermart to look for some Korean food to try and I saw this pack of noodles. I bought few packs to give it a go and I can say that even it's too hot for my taste, I still liked it!

At the back of the pack [...] it says Nong Shim Shin Ramen Seafood Flavor. After cooking, I noticed that it's quite a big serving, it can be served for 2-3 pax! Try it!
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New Type 2PM Vogue Girl

Taecyeon wearing a black jump suit(Mens-on)and Swarovski bracelets (Swarovski)

Changsung and Junsu are wearing black jacket (Resurrection by Juyoung), Ring Swarovski (Swarovski), Black, Martin Walker (Dr. Martens), Pants style by (Chang Kwang Hyo Caruso)and sandals by (Kimseoryong Homme)

Nichkhun's pants by (Resurrection by Juyoung), Shoes by (Swear)

Photographed by Kim Bo Sung

The boys interview tackled about their transformation, specially to Changsung who underwent diet and total hair makeover which every member liked. And how they cannot rate each other 10 out of 10 because they don't want others to expect to much of them. Know more about the interview on July 2009 issue of Vogue girl Magazine.

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HK Fashion Week S/S 2010

Monday, 06.07.2009
Thursday, 09.07.2009
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Organised by Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/ Summer 2009 is not only an important sourcing platform for the global fashion industry, it is also a showcase for design excellence.

“Diversity in Action” by Hong Kong New Design Force is an event which exemplifies this role. It is divided into two parts, a fashion show on the third day of the fair (10 July 2008), and a lifestyle exhibition throughout the fair period. “Diversity in Action” is a projection of the creative image of Hong Kong fashion and lifestyle designers. The mood of the event will be young, casual, energetic and sportive which is coherent with the upcoming Beijing Olympics in August 2008.

The talents of 13 young Hong Kong designers are on display in the fashion show. The designers include past winners of the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designer Contest and Hong Kong New Collection Award, the fashion design competitions organised by HKTDC. The objectives of the show are to help up-and-coming designers gain recognition and to match-make them with clothing enterprises as well as to hightlight Hong Kong’s design excellence and diversity.

The lifestyle exhibition will showcase works of 19 designers from diverse areas, including graphic designers, painters, photographers, short film directors and sculptors.

Another fashion show highlight is “Future Queen” by Shé Fashion Lounge, introducing a brand named Hu Fashion. “Future Queen” collection is a fusion of different materials and cultures, representing a multi-cultural approach to designing. Sheguang Hu, the designer of Hu Fashion, is a Netherlands Chinese. Hu has a high profile in the Netherlands, and has designed garments to be worn by the Queen of the Netherlands on her Royal Tour of Asian countries.

In addition to enormous business opportunities and stunning fashion shows, Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/ Summer 2009 serves the fashion industry as an information exchange platform. A wide range of informative seminars will be conducted. The seminar topics include upcoming fashion trends as well as market intelligence. Highlights are Seminar on “Made in Italy – a Brand Label in Department Stores” and Seminar on “Ecotextiles – what brand and retailers want – and how to deliver”.

Running from 8 – 11 July 2008, HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/ Summer 2009 will gather more than 1,100 international exhibitors under one roof

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Massive Outfit Showdown : Who looks best in school uniforms?

Lee Yeonhee

Moon Geunyoung

Park Minyoung

Lee Yeonhee

Kim Taehee

Kim Haneul

Han Chaeyoung

Gu Hyesun

Park Hanbyeol

Nam Sangmi

Park Shinhye

Yoon Eunhye

Sung Yuri

Song Jihyo

Son Hyejin

Han Gain

Kim Minhee

Song Hye-kyo

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SS501 Surprise 3000 Taiwanese Fans

The group made their first move in the Chinese Market yesterday that filled the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC). This is also their first Taiwan Fan Meeting.

Local Taiwan Media such as KKBOX, TVBS Weekly, China Times, GTV Entertainment News, Channel V, Apples News, SETV, Yeonhapbo, China Probationer, MTV and some radio stations where there to take part of the interviews and show their interest to the group.

Their first visit to Taiwan also have another good intention, the proceeds of the pictures and commemoratives of the event's will be given to the poor children. A group of leading Chinese Welfare Association will contribute to their meaningful work along with fans done.

After their press conference tonight they will proceed to Hong Kong HITEC on July 1st, at 3pm.
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Check Out Wonder Girls NOBODY

Here's the Official Website of the Wonder Girls World, The Official "Nobody" music video ENGLISH VERSION is out. They mentioned the Asian countries where they are popular and I didn't expect that Philippines was included. I never knew that they recognize Philippines. I love Yubin! You'll hear her voice on the teaser. Good luck girls!!!

Last Posted 6/25/09; 7:35 PM
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I don't know what to say when I first saw this video of Boys' Generation. They are playing with the group idols, they made them sing like gays!! They did this before with the Wonder Boys and I didn't like it. There's no difference with this one, it is not funny! It is not cute! I still didn't like it! They made them do things that are not appropriate with their images. Not to Yesung, Taec, Jaebom and Khun!

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[Update] Onew had an accident AGAIN?!

KBS Music Bank apologized to SHINee's accident prone Onew about the incident happened the other day.

People who have seen the incident was surprised when he passed out. However, Music Bank Staff was not surprise that such thing might happened and since the equipment was slowly collapsing they were still able to catch it.

Fortunately, nothing serious happened to everyone. The staff recognized their fault about their lacking in safety devices and stated that they will avoid future problems and be more careful next time.

Shinee's fans who saw the fan videos that were uploaded on YT were very disappointed and demanded an apology.

Check out the incident.
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Great Reception from Seattle

Wonder Girl's in Seattle Fan Pics
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KHJ and Kim Joon Reunited

Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon reunited once more but not for Boys Over Flowers! Instead, the boys did a music video for Kim Hyunjoong's Solo in SS501 Collection. The boys maintained their friendship after the drama they did together.

Kim Joon with his groupmates T-Max will release their comeback album on July 7. Watch out for it!

This is no the one they made together, I just want to share this video. ;)
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DBSK Mirotic Asian Concert in Bangkok

DBSK (TVXQ) - Mirotic 3rd Asia Concert Tour's third stop is Bangkok. I almost forgot about this Mirotic Concert, I even forgot their schedule because of Jaejoong's drama news left and right. They performed at Impact Arena Bangkok on the 27 and 28 June, 2009. The arena was filled with more than 30, 200 screaming fans.

DBSK rendered songs from their Mirotic album such as Wrong Number and Crazy Love including some popular hits from their older albums such as Rising Sun, HUG and Balloons.

Xiah Junsu performed XIAHTIC much to the delight of his fans. Apparently, he was supposed to perform it with SHINee's Key, but as we all know he and his his groupmates are busy with their own Romeo Album. Guess who took place of Key's? Just click the last photo at the bottom. Fans were ecstatic over the rap parts of the song.

Gird your loins Japan because Dong Bang Shin Ki or Tohoshinki's next stop is Tokyo Dome on July 4 and 5! Watch out for them!
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[Update] Wonder Girls on JoBro Concert Portland

I'm an hour late, when I refresh my Twitter I saw this photo of Wonder Girls hands and JYP. I know he is so proud of her girls.

Good luck to Wonder Girls specially to Yubin!


Last Posted June 28, 2009 12:23 PM
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gone gaga over Lady Gaga

Philippines Premier Entertainment writer and Philippine Star Columnist Ricky Lo interviews Lady Gaga in her recent concert in Singapore. They talked about her diet, fashion sense, her musical influences, her being Catholic, getting a new tatoo, how fame changed her life and her love for her fans.

SINGAPORE —- Gaga! Gaga! Gaga! Gaga! Gaga! Gaga! Gaga! Gaga!!!

The crowd at The Dome at the Merchant Loop was already screaming at the top of their voices and yet, the two playful guy-hosts of the showcase pretended to be unconvinced.

“I can’t hear you!,” one of them screamed back. “Do you want Lady Gaga?”

The Dome shook with a collective YES!!!!

“Louder, please! Louder now!”, commanded the other host.

And so the crowd grew even wilder, screaming their hearts and lungs out.

Gaga! Gaga! Gaga! Gaga! Gaga! Gaga! Gaga! Gaga! Gaga!!!!!!!

And out came Lady Gaga amidst multi-colored smoke from a fog machine, looking like a sea nymph in...should I say, “outlandish?”...costume which has become her trademark, wearing a pair of black boots, her hair bright as gold and her false eyelashes so huge that they dominated her face.

To the deafening applause of the now-heated crowd,
Lady Gaga barked into the microphone, “Nothing is more important to me than my fans!,” eliciting an ecstatic response from her fans, and then adding, “And nothing is less important to me than money!” A thunderous roar of approval.

The showcase was for Lady Gaga’s debut album, The Fame (released locally by MCA Music, Inc.), which carries Just Dance and Poker Face, two of the six songs she did at The Dome.

You couldn’t help but become an instant Lady Gaga fan, especially when she started jumping around the stage, infecting the crowd with her inexhaustible energy, enjoying herself, having the time of her life like it was her last day on earth and, watch out now, played the piano while sitting on a stool and then squatting on it as she continued playing the piano, standing on it and bending forward and continued playing the piano, drawing ohhh’s and ahhh’s from the audience which was by now running out of breath.

And to think that, as she would do in her shows in the US, she didn’t have to strip down to her hand-crafted hot pants and bikini top, light cans of hairspray on fire nor strike a pose as a disco ball lowered from the ceiling to the orchestral sounds of A Clockwork Orange.

The lady shocks even just by being herself.

At the presscon earlier that day, she was asked if it’s true that she “hit” on a member (unnamed) of the Pussycat Dolls (a recent Manila visitor for whom Lady Gaga wrote songs) and she paused, saying, “I’m sorry but I don’t kiss and tell.”

And during an exclusive Conversation that same afternoon, when asked what her real full name is (yes, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta), she replied with a blank look in her face and said, “My name is Lady Gaga.” Of course! She got that moniker from the Queen song Radio Gaga and it clicked.

Do you know what gaga means in Filipino?
“Oh yes, somebody told me what it means. Crazy, right?”

Crazy...and more.

(Laughs) “Well, I’m crazy in many ways.”
Is “exhibitionist” the right adjective to describe Lady Gaga?
(Turning serious) “No. I would say that the best way to describe me would be ‘a hot performance artist.’ But there is an exhibitionistic quality to the work that I do. It has an art exhibition and pop-art-fashion-music technology. I do make an effort to really involve my fans. For example, when I did the ‘bubble exhibition,’ it has a very exhibitionistic quality. I give the audience bubbles.”
You do a lot of very physical exertion onstage. Have you ever met an accident; have you ever been injured?
“Yes, I have. There have been a few accidents. But that’s the nature of my performance; it can be very dangerous. When I go onstage, I don’t really know what could happen.”
Not fall off the stage, I hope.
“I do hope not.”

For somebody who does this kind of artistic exhibitionism, you must know how to take very good care of your body. How do you do it? What sort of diet do you follow; what workout do you do?
“Well, I don’t eat.”
You don’t!?!
“I don’t.”
How many meals do you eat per day?
“Maybe one.”
Oh, just one. One full meal?
What about your body’s nutrient needs?
“I read books.”
That’s food for the mind.
“Yeah. You’re right.”
What about your body’s “physical” needs?
“My art feeds my soul.”
What kind of food do you like?
“Well, last night, I went out of the hotel (Mandarin Hotel) and crossed the street and found a noodle house. I finished a bowl-ful.”
You come from a very artistic family. I read somewhere that when you were a kid, you would sing along on your mini plastic tape recorder to Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper hits and then you got twirled in the air in your father’s arms to the sounds of the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.
“Yeah. That contributed to my love for music. When I noticed that I had an inclination towards piano and classical music when I was little, they got me lessons. They were very supportive.”
You have a do you call it?...unique fashion sense. From whom and from where did you get it?
“Ahhh...well, from my mother. She always dressed up every day. She was a very stylish woman. I used to sit on the toilet seat and watched while she fixed her hair and applied her make-up. Then, when I was 18, I moved to downtown New York and that opened up a whole new fashion world for me. You know New York, it’s very stylish. The street fashion is a way of life. My clothes become an extension of myself, a part of my work and a part of who I am.”
The title of your album is The Fame. How has fame changed your life and how do you deal with the changes?
“I am very, very grateful for my success and I suppose it would be very easy for me to be jaded but I’m not. I’m having a great time. It has been amazing! You know, I travel the world, I meet all my fans who are beautiful and incredible...I’m so inspired that I keep on writing new music. It’s a dream come true. It has been a marvelous journey.”
Aside from music, what makes you happy?
“Like I said, I live every minute of my life for music; I really do. For my show and for my music, I work very hard. I have a very strong spirituality. I think it’s an ugly thing when you focus on the negative things in life. It’s important to be grateful for what you have.”
You seem to look at life as one big party, right?
“Well, I don’t really know what’s that suppose to mean.”
Well, something to celebrate, something to be happy about, something to enjoy.
“Doesn’t everyone see life as a celebration?”
Well, not everybody. Sadly.
“Well, there are, of course, people in the world who have major problems — poverty, hunger, economy. I am 23 years old and I grew up in a part of the city that was obsessed with pop culture, pornography and fame. For me, to write music about hunger and poverty and to talk about them is, hmmmm, silly, I think.”
Do you ever have low moments? How do you deal with them? How do you spring back to life?
“I simply believe in myself. I write music. I listen to music. I design. I read the Andy Warhol diary.”
Aside from Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper, who are your other role models, your musical influences?
“My mother. What do I like about my mother? Well, hmmm...she’s my mother. I have a really wonderful relationship with my family.”
What are you like away from the limelight?
“I’m just like this. I’m terribly self-assured.”
Don’t you have time for leisure?
How do you pamper yourself, as a person and not so much as an artist?
“I spend time with really goodlooking guys.”
Oh, you do. How nice. Do you have a boyfriend?
Why not?
“I like to keep my options open.”
During the presscon, you said that you have seven tattooes and you’re planning to have one more on your back. What kind of tattoo would that be?
“I want to have the face of the Virgin Mary on my back. I am a big fan of Scott Chapal, the photographer, who is an incredible inspiration for me. He has a lot of pop-art photography based on putting a celebrity image into the image of icons.”
Are you Catholic?
“Yes, I am.”
Madonna is also Catholic and she’s known for her references to religious images in her act, one time using a huge crucifix as prop. How do you feel being called the “new Madonna?”
“I don’t understand. What has it got to do with my being Catholic?”
Okay, what makes Lady Gaga go gaga?
“My fans. I love my fans. They are the light of my life.”
To read more about this juicy interview, click

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